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About the project

As a professional Actor and Producer I’ve appeared in many productions in lead and support roles. More recently, my two worlds have collided with the formation of the TO BE LOVED Network. I am one of its Co-Founders and a Director (www.tobeloved.org.au) The network is a media content generating network of legal and medical experts for education & to give children a voice whilst navigating their parents’ separation. Issues explored include family violence.

In October 2016, we produced our first short film, DEGREE OF SEPARATION, centring on the topic of family violence, (www.vimeo.com/theecloudfoundry/degreeofsepartion ). This film was officially selected into 24 international film festivals and won 7 Best Film awards, including Best Foreign Film at the Hollywood Now Festival in December 2017 and Film of Outstanding Excellence. The film now has a Hollywood Distributor. It has already been used in some mediation centres and requested for use at the Judicial College. The ABC commended it as an important judicial tool.