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My Show Reel

Acting has always been my passion…

As a professional Actor and Producer I’ve appeared in many productions in lead and support roles. More recently, my two worlds have collided with the formation of the TO BE LOVED Network. I am one of its Co-Founders and a Director ( The network is a media content generating network of legal and medical experts for education & to give children a voice whilst navigating their parents’ separation. Issues explored include family violence.


2014 Father (National Trust) Purple Monkey Productions Steve Jackson
2013 Evan Coles Insurance Finders Lane Productions Ted Horton
2013 Butcher MasterChef Flinders Lane Productions Ted Horton



2018 Just between Us 8 Degrees of Inspiration Christopher Kay     2017 Something About Death  Noah Bros Bramwell Noah

2015 I. Timon Noah Bros Bramwell Noah     2014 How to Time Travel Independent (Father) Samuel Shefield
2014 According to Ben Adams Noah Bros (Detective Lane) Frederic Noah     2012 Rhyme and Reason RR Productions (Barry) Richard Sarell

2010 Painfully, Brutally Rarely McC Productions (Irate Chef) Michael McCallum


2019 TOMMY Kitsune Productions Scott Dale     2018 Ghosts That Cry In the Dark Baig Productions Kain Baigant
2018 Cheng En’s Gift Noah Bros Bramwell Noah     2016 Degree of Separation The Cloud Foundry Kyahl Anderson
2015 Chasing Liberty Liberty Productions Daniel Stojanovik


2019 The Toorak Rules Rosebank House Productions Sara Grenfell     2018 Holding the Man PEP Productions Amy Bryans
2018 Mud N’ Blood (Tour) Auspicious Arts Alice Bishop     2017 The Memory of Water 3 Big Men Prodns Richard Sarell
2017 The Full Monty StageArt Drew Downing     2016 Desire Under the Elms Sol III Co A Schiller-Chan
2015 Jacuzzi 3 Big Men Productions Jean Russell     2014 William Shakespeare & the Dark Lady Globe Productions Chris Hosking


2014 Strategy Theatre 451 (Charles) Jean Russell     2014 AWAY Third Door (Roy) Cale McClaren
2013 The Pharmacist Short N’ Sweet Festival (Father) Sonia Zabala     2013 Music Man OsMad (Mayor Shinn) Richard Perdrieu
2013 Death in the Family Ward Theatre (NYC)(Jay) Wendy Ward     2012 Angels in America Part 1 3 Big Men Prodns (Doctor/Mr Lies) Peter Kalos
2009 Community Chest Short N’ Sweet (Husband) Yolley Kalos


2018 Neighbours Fremantle Media (Bill Warley) Chris Langman     2016 Family Court – In Person Arc Films Tim Wise (GTV9)
2015 Utopia Working Dog Productions Rob Sitch     2015 Neighbours Fremantle Media (Bill Worley) Chris Langham
2014 Asciano – OHS (Corp Video) Burning House Damian McLindon     2013 Dr Blake Murder Mysteries ABC Melb (Mayor’s Clerk ) Declan
2013 House Husbands 7 Television (Barry James ) Ian Barry     2012 Neighbours Grundys Ch 11 (Phillip Preece) Tony Oriolso
2011 TV Pilot Series Soup du Jour Productions (Craig) Dom Billings     2008 City Homicide Channel 7 (Lawyer) David Cameron
2008 Under Belly  Channel 9 (Immigration Officer) Peter Andrikidis     2006 Keeping Your Cool (Corp ) Leo Cussen Institute (Barrister) Digital M Services     2006 Neighbours Grundys Ch 10 (Roger Wilson) Chris Langman


2004 Scooter Secret Agent Jonathan M Shiff Prodn ((Harry) Richard Jasek     2004 Neighbours Grundys Ch 10 (Roger) Aarne Neeme
2001 Surprise Surprise Ch 9 (TV) (Architect) Various     2001 AMCOR OHS Jo Pearson (David – OHS) Tom Sully
2001 Surprise Surprise Ch 9 (TV) (Doctor) Various     2001 Surprise Surprise Ch 9 (TV) (Army Officer) Various
2001 Surprise Surprise Ch 9 (TV) (Novelist) Various     2000 Blue Heelers Ch 7 (TV) (Ben) Richard Sarell
1998 Adventures of Lano & W ABC TV (Floor Manager) John Olb     1994 Neighbours Grundys Ch 10 (Phil – Ring Thief) David Morgan


2000 Pippin Catchment Lewis     2001 Pirates of Penzance Whitehorse TC Pirate
2002 Lil Abner Catchment Lil Abner     2002 Les Miserables NOVA Jolie     2003 CHESS NOVA Harry
2003 INTO THE WOODS Independent Wolf/Prince     2006 A Chorus Line NOVA Zac
2010 INTO THE WOODS Phoenix Narrator/Mysterious Man     2010 Working 3 Big Men Fireman Joe
2013 Music Man OSMAD Mayor Shinn     2017 Full Monty StageArt Harold     2019 JC Superstar Phoenix TC Pilate

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Darren Mort

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