The Power of the Tribe

To say that humans are tribal creatures is to say the single most culturally significant thing about us. Our sense of ourselves as social beings, grounded and shaped by our social context , is more psychologically important than our personal identity

For me, it is is rarely a question of “Who am I”. I agree with Hugh Mackay – that a more compelling and significant question is, Who are we?”

Sure we need a sense of individuality; a sense of personal identity. However, for me the power is in the tribe. It does not have to be one tribe -it can be a community of tribes. We, as human beings, offer a lot in varied aspects of what we say and do.

For me, I am a Family Law Barrister; an actor; a producer and an author – a Gemini trait of spreading myself across a number of disciplines.COVID-19 and its lockdown consequences helped me reflect on the role each of my disciplines has played in my life; how I missed their utilization shut down, partly or wholly; and importantly, how I missed the interaction of my tribes.

Focussing in an alembicated fashion, I realized that my tribes not only fulfilled my social identity but, for me, they satisfied a unique intimacy with other like minded humans.

Just last night, my wife and I were out with dear friends enjoying our catch-up and in the midst of conversation, I was interrupted by two theatre mates. I had not seen them since lockdown.There was a joy and celebration in our sense of history; in our joint sense of past roads travelled. My soul was instantly imbued in a warm flame causing me to smile, remember and celebrate my membership of that tribe.

The pandemic has taught us all many lessons; a compelling one for me is that how fortunate I am to be surrounded by my tribes; and how we need to reflect on those less fortunate, who could be tribal members and who have enormous contributing potential as human beings.We need to listen more.

As we all know, there is enormous power in connection: we feel safe, belonging and dignified. It’s all about the relationships we forge and the potential in what we can create as we work together in the relationships that we form…. and there lies the excitement!

As Brene Brown said, connection is the energy:

…that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

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