I had a joy of viewing everyone’s posts on social media come Xmas Day: special times with loved ones in a variety of permutations and combinations; bounties of smiles and so much love and togetherness, after such an inimical and arduous year.

Given what we endured this year it occurred to me that we have so much capacity for positive change; and it is that change, which has an enduring ripple effect on our kids. They are our hope and, as parents and caregivers, they look to us – their role models.

To effect change, I believe we need to be motivated first. After 2020, there is no excuse. Most of us have learned so much during COVID-19: the bitter and the sweet.

I have had occasion during this holiday break to listen to Wayne Dyer, who is sadly passed. He was a key motivational speaker with a big heart and a great mind. I thought it would be a great lead up to New Years Eve to share some of his thoughts – and who knows, some of what he has to say, may impact on you, as it has on me.

  1. Have a mind that is OPEN to everything and ATTACHED to nothing. It is kind of exciting to think that if you open up yourself to possibilities, then everything is possible.
  2. You can’t give away what you don’t have. How can a child receive love for example, if his or her parent has no love to give. If you store fear, anger, hate, bitterness, then that is what you give away. You get back from the universe what you put back; if you feel unworthy, the universe reciprocates in turn.
  3. There are NO justified resentments. If you carry around resentment and justify it to yourself, then it is those resentments that will continue to live with you, like some psychological hurdle. Dyer says it’s not the snake bite that kills you, it’s the venom.
  4. Mediatate. Embrace the silence. God knows we all need time to slow down, reset and ponder possibility. “It is the silence between the notes that make the music“.
  5. Give up your PERSONAL history: Embrace it; acknowledge it; get help if needed; and move on into the NOW.
  6. Treat YOURSELF as if you already were what you would like to become. The mind is powerful thing – so manifest.
  7. CHANGE your thoughts and change your world.
  8. You can’t solve your problem with a mind that created it. There is nothing wrong with admitting a wrong. Signs of successful relationships emanate from noticing the things you love about a person (e.g. your child); not the things you don’t love about them or focussing on the things they ought to be.
  9. Wisdom comes from avoiding ALL THOUGHTS that weaken you. Thoughts of fear, anxiety, incapacity and the like only disempower you.

Now some of the above might fit or not; but, it seems to me that it is worth a thought as we approach a new year filled with possibility. I’ve always been a half glass full guy; it’s my mindset. It has taken some work over the years to reach that point and I can say that it is so liberating. Our kids are the same. I have always tried to instill this into their minds, so as to allow their hearts and their possibilities to remain open. I am at idem with Dyer when he says ” What you wish for, ask for, intend to create AND be passionate about it and that’s what you will create.”

Happy New Year all. Wishing you all dollops of inspiration and a treasure trove of possibilities.



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