The years pass so quickly; you blink and you land in a spot, different in time with a piece of recognition from the pie of Life. You question – where did the time go; you look at your achievements, your kids, the fun times and the challenging chapters. As you stare into the rear vision mirror its then for me that the realization becomes evident. Sure your family is all important, the building blocks of who you are, values and all; but it is your friends that form the cement in those building blocks. Yesterday I was invited to that school mate’s 60th. I looked at us all pretty stoked that at our vintage we have maintained an indelible bond we call mateship. Indeed we must never forget it is these bonds new and old that support us and make those challenges at little more bearable. Don’t forget your friends over Xmas. Celebrate, embrace and look into that rear vision mirror and grin. Merry Xmas.

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