This man was recently strongly criticised by the Full Court in terms of how he conducted himself in Court. It’s a tough gig being a Judge: the significant responsibility with decision making; the pressures of solitude; the loss of comradry at the Bar or from being a legal practitioner; the relentless work load. Decision makers are open to all sorts of criticism and at least 50%of litigants detest their reasons each day.

They work long hours and some even take a pay cut to do the job. We expect a lot and often overlook that they are human trying to to do the best they can in a poorly resourced setting with limited supports.

Darren Mort

I do not personally know this Judge and at face value his conduct was unimpressive; however, perhaps before we jump to conclusions we should look behind the conduct to the person and assess his or her need for support, offer a friendly ear or extend some form of comfort. We should be more humane . I hope he is ok. After all we shouldn’t judge the Judge but care to be human.

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